The Brand Story

Derived from the words papillon (French) and papilionem (Latin), meaning butterfly, Kokoon describes a transformation process. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is used to illustrate the brand story, taking into account its early state, evolution and dynamism. Cocoon depicts an environment of warmth, safety and comfort. A place where one is nurtured with personalized care before one leaves to explore the world, carrying with him a sense of rejuvenation and restoration. Kokoon means to create a sanctuary for business and leisure travelers.

A butterfly emerges from a cocoon in unfurling glory. A visual transformation that also represents hope and new beginnings. Kokoon talks about evolution, showcasing that wondrous things are formed over time, encouraging one to embrace change and growth. Dynamism reflects the importance of continuous development and overcoming boundaries, about opportunities and prospects. Kokoon strives to create an innovative, professional line of hotels and establishments offering stylish accommodations, displaying the local culture and Indonesian hospitality.


To be recognized among shareholders as the preferred operator for hotels and customers’ choice for hospitality through genuine service experience and commitment to excellence in all our brands 


Hotel Brands

Kokoon Nero

Kokoon’s definition of luxury and elegance, located in prime and strategic locations with five star exterior and interior design to create an ambience of quality, sophistication and utmost comfort. At Kokoon Nero hotels, one is expected to find exceptional service and complete facilities, all pampering guests to gain the ultimate stay experience. Refined accommodations with spacious rooms, large beds with the softest linens to indulge the senses and luxurious amenities. The hotels’ designs and spaces are thoughtfully planned as such to support a range of events from intimate gatherings to large weddings, conferences and exhibitions with generously sized ballrooms and function rooms. Kokoon Nero assures maximum value with exclusive atmosphere, memorable experiences and customized services. The color black symbolizes mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication.

Kokoon Moka

Kokoon Moka aims to provide a one stop destination for business and leisure travelers. It intends to catch the eyes of passersby with attractive and inviting exterior design met with sophisticated and welcoming interior design as one walks through the hotel lobbies. Wide, vibrant and relaxing spaces are reflected at every corner of the hotel. Modern-classic blends with traditional elements at Kokoon Moka hotels create cozy ambiances where guests can find all their needs for business and pleasure in one place, geared up with a wide range of amenities and facilities. Kokoon Moka hopes to build timeless characters in each of its 4 star hotels in the layout of its lobby, ballrooms, meeting rooms, guest rooms and other areas. Innovative restaurants are built with the purpose to create memorable dining experiences. Foremost is the presence of capable and friendly staff, indulging guests to return to the hospitality of Kokoon Moka where service and positivity are genuinely practiced. The color brown symbolizes reliability, stability, comfort and contentment.

Kokoon Verde

Cozy rooms with comfortable beddings and furnishings, complemented with modern facilities and attentive service with the purpose to meet guests’ needs add to the notable value of Kokoon Verde hotels in providing chic and cozy accommodations. The hotels offer adequate sized function spaces ranging from small to medium-sized ones complete with contemporary equipment for successful business and leisure ventures. Best value and quality customer service is ensured in these 3 star hotels. Facilities at the premises also feature restaurants, fitness centers, Spas and swimming pools. The color green symbolizes life, peace, new beginnings and restoration.

Kokoon Grey

Kokoon Grey specializes in comfort and dedicated services for its budget business and leisure guests. Located in strategic areas and designed with care, the hotels are equipped with simple yet well furnished rooms and adequate amenities. The hotels ensure all basic needs for relaxation are met while maintaining its level of service and facilities above expectations. The rates provided at the 2 star hotels enable guests to enjoy their stay at an affordable price. The color gray symbolizes neutrality, balance, modesty and

Message from President Director

We are grateful that you have found us here.


Let me introduce the Kokoon Concept.


The name “Kokoon” was born when we were about to make our very first hotel in Surabaya. Indeed, we were looking for a brand name. We have a Fashion and F&B brand in Jakarta called Papilion which means butterfly. Since all these brands belong to the same family and chronologically Surabaya business came earlier than Jakarta, it became obvious and logical that the idea of Kokoon (Cocoon- the early stage of butterfly) appeared.


In line with the symbol of a cocoon, our Kokoon Hotels offer comfort: comfortable environment, comfortable rooms, comfortable beds, comfortable meeting facilities and comfort food & beverage. Additionally, we strive to make nice products both in the hotel hardware and in the day to day operations to create a pleasant customer experience at all times.


In Surabaya, the Kokoon Hotel is a conversion of an historic building of 1920 that is located in the then commercially vibrant district of Surabaya. By staying at the hotel, you will realize the important role of this part of Surabaya earlier on. The area is still very active today.


Our latest Hotel is the 163 rooms Kokoon Hotel Banyuwangi where the team of Architects, interior designers and contractors have made a masterpiece showcasing the cultural richness of Banyuwangi. Our team will be honored to take care of you and your family in this new haven in Banyuwangi from where you can enjoy both the sunrise over Bali island and the sunset over mount ljen.

Sylvain Julien

President Director