Area Attractions

Area Attractions

Surabaya is a city that is rich with historical stories. Don’t think twice to go off and wander the magic of this City of Heroes.
A city born from the heroic value of its founder since the time of Majapahit. Surabaya is a combination of metropolitan and traditional life. Explore more in the city of Surabaya here.


Surabaya City Zoo

The largest zoo and complete in Southeast Asia and divided to some places for birds, freshwater aquarium and brine, quarantine Toxidemi, night animal and various mammals. In Special place, there is also porpoise (pesut mahakam) and mermaid Surabaya Zoo located in Setail Street 1, Wonokromo, Surabaya. KBS is big zoo and complete. It is in it are dwelt more than 351 composing different animal species more than 2806 animals. Include Indonesia rareness animal and also world consisted of Mammalian, Aves, Reptile, and Pisces


House of Sampoerna

Sampoerna old house located in downtown Surabaya. Precisely located in Jalan Taman Sampoerna 6, Krembangan, Surabaya. The building was built in 1862 and originally became an orphanage run by the Netherlands. An orphans, Seeng Tee, buying a Dutch colonial-style building in 1932 for use as a large company producing cigarettes. One of the highlights here is to see directly the manufacture of cigarettes using traditional equipment and carried out by thousands of female workers who are able to produce 325 cigarettes per hour


Heroes Monument

Tugu Pahlawan is a monument that is a landmark of Surabaya. The height of this monument is 41.15 meters and is in the shape of a inverted spike. The Heroes Monument was built to commemorate the events of the Battle of 10 November 1945 in Surabaya, where the Suroboyo areks fought against the Allied forces together with the Dutch who wanted to re-colonize Indonesia. The Heroes Monument becomes the center of attention every November 10, remembering the events in 1945 when many heroes died in the war of independence.


Suramadu Bridge

The Suramadu Bridge (Indonesian: Suramadu Bridge) is a cable-stayed bridge between Surabaya on the island of Java and Bangkalan on the island of Madura, both islands in Indonesia. Opened in June 2009, this 5.4 km long bridge is claimed to be the longest bridge in Indonesia. This bridge consists of three parts, namely the flyover bridge, connecting bridge and main bridge.


Pamurbaya Mangrove

This eco-tourism in Surabaya is well-known as Pamurbaya (Pantai Timur Surabaya). This object is quite new but having a rich beauty like any other objects in East Java. The tourists that visit to this object can rent the boat to down the river that full of mangroves plantation, there is also fauna that live within the forest like monkey, type of Macaca fascicularis and water bird along the river to the mangrove station.


Al-Akbar Mosque

One is bound to catch a glimpse of the turquoise watery dome when heading out of town. The staff will be happy to guide you around the beautiful tower to amaze you with the spectacular views. This mosque also has tall and large rooms which are the largest in the country. The central and strategic location of the mosque makes it easy to reach for visitors from various area in Surabaya.


Submarine Monument

Located in Embong Kaliasin – Genteng, Surabaya, this monument was formerly the former KRI 410 Pasopati submarine which was built by the Soviet Union in 1952 and used by the Indonesian Navy in the battle of the Aru Sea in 1962, in an effort to liberate the West. Irian from Dutch occupation. This submarine was later made into a monument to commemorate Indonesian heroes.


Bungkul Park

Winner of the 2013 Asian Townscape Awards by the UN as the Best Park in Asia, it first opened in March 2007 and now offers attractive facilities such as a skateboard room, BMX track, jogging track, stage for live performances, and a food court area. It is located in the middle of Surabaya city. This makes Bungkul Park one of the attractive green areas in the city of Surabaya.



Indonesian cities are often difficult to navigate on foot so if you get the chance make sure to head to the Chinatown area of Surabaya which lends itself well to an afternoon stroll. This part of Surabaya got its name thanks to the influx of Chinese owned restaurants and shops in the area and you can still find a wealth of local architecture here that leads off the main road which is called Jalan Karet.