Area Attractions

Area Attractions

Discover a new destination of impossible wonders. Banyuwangi is the gateway to nature, culture and adventure in East Java. From peaceful beaches and world-class surf sports, to incredible wildlife and the famous Ijen volcano, it’s all here for you to explore and experience.

Ijen Crater

Besides its panoramic mountain view, Mount Ijen contains the world’s largest acidic lake. The beautiful turquoise colored lake has drawn tourists from all over the world. Electric blue flames can often be seen flowing down the mountain at night. People travel far to witness this natural phenomenon while waiting for sunrise from the top of the crater.

Baluran National Park

Dubbed a miniature Africa on the island of Java, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty and various kinds of trees that grow in this area, but you can also interact with protected wildlife. Nature lovers can enjoy a picnic around this location with their family. As visitors, we are advised to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of this place.

Plengkung Beach

The beach is curved shape resembling the letter G, a world renown spot for experienced surfers, offering shallow reef breaks and huge waves. Truly a paradise on earth for pro-surfers. Beach goers who do not plan to surf can also enjoy watching surfing activities, strolling around the area, fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing, watching sunsets and others.

Djawatan Benculuk

Tourists love taking photos with the Samanean saman or rain trees that grow in this area as background. The picturesque giant trees create a sort of unique and exotic tree tunnels, making it an ideal spot for snapshots. The various protected trees that grow in this region provide a refreshing shade for its visitors and serve as green tree reservoirs.

Red Island

The name comes from the beautiful hill situated a short distance from the beach covered in rich green vegetation and red soil. The hill can be reached by foot when the tide is low. You will find white sandy beach with clear sea water and a most relaxing natural setting. The beach is a great spot for mild surfing or watching stunning, golden sunsets.

Bangsring Underwater

Enjoy breathtaking underwater view while diving or snorkeling. Spend time to appreciate the beauty of wild colorful fish, coral gardens and reefs in the surrounding area of a famous floating dock (rumah apung). It is located at the sea conservation zone, a shark breeding facility which also offers opportunity to swim with baby sharks.